Horizon Computers & Tech

Complete IT Solutions

  • Horizon Computers & Tech - HCTech was previously known as Horizon Computers
  • Traditional form of business has paved the way for Digital marketing across the Globe which has brought new constrains & entry level barriers in setting up a new business.
  • Start-ups & SME’s face new challenges to find a perfect IT solution for their business considering the resource availability with this sector.
  • We have a strong team of analysts which analyse the requirement of your ideas.
  • We offer a comprehensive flowchart and algorithm for your business ideas.
  • After several interaction between you and our analysts a final IT solution is planned for your business model.
  • We have presently 152 associated freelancer programmers for coding and offering an appropriate IT solution for your business model.
  • The costing of IT solution is drastically reduced since the cost of freelancer programmers is very less compared to an IT Firm.
  • The cost of IT solution is reduced but the quality remains the same since the overall monitoring of the work is done by senior IT Analysts